Our Company


Petrus Environmental Services, Inc., has proudly served our customers since 1991.  We have always felt that in order to be the premier supplier of services to the water and wastewater industry, we must provide a complete package to our clients, as well as service standards which will always surpass government regulations.



Based in Roanoke, VA we currently provide operation, maintenance and management services for over 50 drinking water and wastewater facilities throughout Virginia. 


Petrus Environmental Services, Inc., provides a complete turnkey service which includes facility and administrative management, daily operation and maintenance, laboratory testing, engineering and system upgrading, regulatory compliance and reporting, sludge handling, and the supply of chemicals. 



Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to our customers.  Excellence of our unique services has established our place in the industry allowing us to make a distinctive and substantial positive impact for our clients.


PES Mission Statement

Petrus Environmental Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing valuable and high-quality water and wastewater treatment services.  We stress environmental and managerial excellence through our dedication to integrity and commitment to the highest moral and ethical standards.